Kinpack Sustainable Product Range

Kinpack is a family-owned business that was started in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1986. Since then we have grown into a diversified global procurement and supply chain management firm. We offer a broad portfolio of customizable single-use items and packaging solutions available in paper, bagasse, bamboo, wood, bio-plastic, plastic, and post-consumer recycled content.


Our focus is on providing fair sustainable prices, quality ethically manufactured products, and reliable customer service. Our company has three decades of experience supplying international customers across a variety of industries including retail grocery chains, convenience stores, restaurant chains, airline caterers, produce growers, and food manufacturers. We have the proven ability to meet the long-term needs of our customers by helping them to enhance procurement and distribution efficiency, reduce overall costs, and improve cash flow.


Our company is dedicated to helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals. We take a comprehensive and customized approach to designing products that reduce the environmental impact of your company’s packaging and single-use items along the entire supply chain. We develop bespoke products based on an analysis of factors such as your product’s life cycle, function, retailing, legal requirements, and disposal options.

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